Samsung’s latest “surround screen machine” patent is exposed: a screen is what you see!

According to the Financial Associated Press (Shanghai, Editor Huang Junzhi), Samsung has always been very bold in making breakthroughs in cell phone architecture. It has once again been renowned for its folding screen cell phones in recent years.

Thursday, November 12, 2020, 2:54  GMT

The company has recently been designing a “surround panel handset” with a screen ratio reaching 100 percent, according to rumors, according to a new Samsung patent speculation.

This time, Samsung ‘s concept is close to that of Xiaomi MIX Alpha, based on the patent drawings, i.e. the front and back of the phone are hidden by the screen. But Samsung, unlike Xiaomi, has expanded the panel to the fuselage periphery, and even the transition region below it will view information. In this way, it is just “holding a computer” to hold this phone in your lap.

In comparison, the front of the fuselage adopts a curved full-screen display, the back is a flat screen, and the edge section uses multiple semicircular displays, according to the patent definition. Screens that contain AMOLED or LCD should be used in this mix. Although the screen content can be different, during use, the user may not note the change.

What is more fascinating is that Samsung has introduced a “sliding cover” style approach in order to cleverly mask the sensor, and can expose the camera by moving it up. Specifically, to facilitate normal picture and video capture, the lens is mounted on the front housing and directed at the back. You can conveniently rotate your smartphone and use the same camera system to take photos or make video calls, since there is also a screen on the back of the unit.