Sberbank has launched a facility for cloud gaming. For now free

Sberbank cloud gaming service
The SberPlay cloud gaming service was introduced by Sberbank. Owners of the SberBox TV Box will take advantage of the free beta, which allows you to test PC games on your TV without the need to buy a game console or a powerful PC, from December 25, 2020.

Stable service includes a high-speed Wi-Fi 5 GHz network connection and a minimum Internet connection speed of 10 Mbps.

The period of testing will continue until 25 January 2021. The Sberbank website notes that only when using the service can the customer pay for access to SberPlay at the completion of the beta phase. As the company’s representatives clarified to undercode, at the conclusion of the test cycle, details on more tariffs will be released.

The SberBox is a media box that attaches and transforms your TV into a mobile computer. It has voice assistants and other resources built-in to the Sberbank ecosystem. Voice management is a feature of SberBox. SberPlay serves as a virtual console based on the media attachment of Sberbank and an additional platform from prominent game publishers for accessing purchased content.

What games are available already?

Users have free access to games from the Russian studio Gaijin Entertainment at the testing level. It is a well-known Russian game developer for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Mac OS, Linux and Android, among other platforms.

For example, among the games offered in the service, War Thunder is a large-scale free-to-play multiplayer online game devoted to the Second World War and Cold War military equipment. In a single war, the air force, land forces and the navy fight together. Cuisine Royale, an online shooter set in the most beautiful areas of the world, is another game. By battling enemies with guns and melee weapons, as well as using magical skills and mysterious rites, the player must survive. Crossout – a massive multiplayer combat game in which you can assemble an armoured vehicle of a specific nature from hundreds of pieces, and then combat it in battle, is the third game introduced for review in the beta update.

Furthermore, SberPlay can be used to play PC games that the customer has already ordered from a digital gaming distribution store.

How to control games

In the Sber.Salute program, you can use a computer gamepad to control sports, for which there are separate joystick pads for your smartphone in the SberBox set-top box.

Cloud gaming on the company’s mobile platforms offers the user the same gaming experience as on the latest-generation consoles, according to Sberbank officials. A compatible Bluetooth gamepad – Xbox compatible gamepads or PlayStation 4 edition 2 or later gamepads – can also be paired. Cloud gaming uses the gamepad’s interactive keyboard and mouse mode to register and enter user information.

Why did Sberbank get involved in cloud gaming?
Typically, modern video games need “fancy hardware” and it can cost 100-150 thousand rubles for a gaming PC. Cloud gaming is a technology that enables you, particularly if the player has an old computer, to play new games with high graphics settings. The cloud gaming industry is popular with technology giants as it is undergoing exponential growth, particularly as HTF Market Intelligence, which grew 46.7 percent in 2019, is affected by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. According to SuperData analysis, gamers invested $ 120.1 billion on games in 2019, as Forbes wrote in February 2020.

Over the past few years, the demand for cloud gaming services has been growing. “Rostelecom” established a cloud application in 2015 to install games on TV boxes remotely. The Beeline Gaming cloud gaming ecosystem in Russia was introduced by Beeline Gaming in 2019. Users were able to play 2,5 thousand games from Buka, My.Games and META Publishing.

What’s learned for Gaijin Entertainment

President Anton Yudintsev, Artistic Director Kirill Yudintsev and CTO Alexey Volynskov, who previously participated in the production of Doom 2D, formed Gaijin Entertainment in 2002. The group successfully partnered with American Zodiac Gaming in 2002 to create games for digital cable TV boxes.

Cooperation with 1C was founded by the group in 2003. The development of a game based on the popular movie “Boomer” was one of the effects. In addition, the group has produced different games over the course of many years. The most notable year was 2012, when three new games, Birds of Steel, Blades of Time and War Thunder, were published in one year. In the following years, it was on the latter that the firm concentrated its primary attention.

The “Breakthrough of the Year” was named War Thunder by Igromania magazine in 2013. The game has won several honors, including at gamescom 2013, the coveted Best Simulator title. Gaijin Entertainment is already starting to work extensively with virtual reality headsets at this stage. War Thunder was launched on the PlayStation 4 in 2014, being the first Russian title in the new-generation console launch lineup.

Gaijin Entertainment, along with Targem Gaming, declared Crossout on PC in 2015, and Enlisted in 2016. In April 2018, in the form of an April Fools’ event, Enlisted was accessible to players and was called ‘Cuisine royale.’ This game has been a solo project as of June 2018. May 2019 saw the announcement of Blades of Time, the company’s first Nintendo Switch title.