Semi-closed “Jabra Elite 85t” wireless earphones that can be worn easily even during long web conferences

The “Jabra” brand of Danish GN Audio is recognized for its enterprise headphones and speakerphones used in video conferencing and call centers. Market earphones and headphones are also common, and from early on, we have been working on “complete wireless earphones” that do not have a cord to link the left and right devices. There are several items that are suitable not only for listening to music but also for business use such as video conferencing and calling on smartphones, by keeping to the call feature as well as the sound quality.

Released in November 2020, the Jabra Elite 85t is the company’s first truly wireless earphone with active noise cancelation (ANC). In order to provide power to the voice, the compact body is fitted with a 12 mm motor, which is a wide diameter for earphones, and ANC microphones are supplied inside and outside the main body to create noise not only outside but also inside the ear. It is marked by elimination, too.

In addition to being fitted with an external sound capture function that records outside sound from microphones, the voice capture function with a total of six left and right microphones and a wind noise reduction function increase the accuracy of the call. Suitable for video conferencing as well.

The body of compatible ANC earphones is mostly a closed style in general, but the Jabra Elite 85t is a semi-closed type that provides an air passage to suppress stuffiness and oppressive feelings, and it is also distinguished by being able to wear it for a long time. The main body weights 7 grams both on the left and right and is compliant with water resistance equal to “IPX4” As long as the stream splashes, no problem remains.

Battery life with ANC on is 5.5 hours and 25 hours with the charging case (31 hours with ANC off). The real price on the mass store platform is about 28,000 yen (including tax), which is a little less than the “AirPods Pro” full wireless earphone compatible with ANC from Apple.

Modified ANC feature by app

Its compactness is the first thing you experience when you finally pick up the device. The charging case is lightweight, too and fits easily in your jacket’s small pocket, making it convenient to bring around. The case’s charging terminal is USB-C and also supports wireless ‘Qi standard’ charging. 3 sizes of earpieces and a charging cord come with the package.

It looks like it is integrated with the ear when worn, possibly because the section that sticks out of the ear is small. Because it is a semi-sealed sort, it is possible to hear the outside sound reasonably well. The inside of the ear does not get stuffy like earplugs, even though it is left on because it is easy to use.

I have been listening to different sources of sound, such as rock, vocals, jazz and classical music. There is a crisp, dry feel to the music, and there is a tight and firm mid to low range. Even as the volume is increased, it is preferable that the bass and treble are not forcibly emphasized, and the power automatically rises while preserving the ease of listening. The result of a large-diameter 12 mm screwdriver is probable. For playing music, use the left and right keys. As you can play and pause tracks, delay albums, rewind, change volume and so on, there is no hassle. A soft click experience makes the button easy to press.

The ambient noise gets smaller as I turn ANC on, as if it were far away. ANC is turned on off and outside to catch sound any time you click the trigger (called hear-through). For starters, when paying for shopping at the cash register, ANC is switched on in a subway car, turned off when walking in the area, and outside. You can switch to the sound capture mode with ease.

I have also used it for video conferencing and voice calls. The other person even said that he could hear his own voice well in addition to hearing the other party’s voice clearly. I was trying to make a call outside, because if there were no vehicles or trains running by, without any complications, the voice would hit the other party, so I didn’t have to raise my voice. The role of the call is outstanding. Like a one-ear headphone, it can also be found on one hand only.

Next, I tried using the ‘Jabra Sound +’ dedicated software. All functionality, such as ANC and external sound recording, can be used without an app. Through using the software, however you can fine-tune the effect. ANC, for instance, can change the effect in 4 stages, and if it’s the best, you can listen to music even in a subway car at a very low level.

The Jabra Elite 85t has decent sound quality, is compliant with ANC, helps you to quietly enjoy music in the subway car, and is also an impressive call and video conference headset. As a truly wireless earphone that is useful not just for listening to music but also for company, I would like to recommend it.