Service mass interruption! Google: data migration problem

Google said on Friday local time, according to foreign media reports, that due to errors in the user ID system, major services such as Gmail, YouTube and other major services were disrupted.

Google discovered that a mistake existed in its online recognition system earlier this week, causing major services such as Gmail and YouTube to be widely disrupted.

Google’s Alphabet has many tools that can verify logged-in users and monitor them. Google transferred those resources to a new file storage system, according to an article published on Friday, beginning in October of this year but some data revealed errors in the process. On Monday morning, this led to 47 minutes of downtime for many big Google services. For the company, this is a rare technical mistake.

The explanation from Google was made because people became extremely vigilant about network security. Companies such as Microsoft and various US government agencies were also threatened by the hacking incident against the software supplier SolarWinds. A Google spokesperson said on Friday that the company had not found any evidence that the SolarWinds hack affected Alphabet or Google’s systems.

The firm said that about 15 percent of requests submitted to Google’s cloud storage service were disrupted during the service disruption that occurred on Monday. A recognition service comparable to Okta is offered by Google Cloud Computing Division.

Google’s Gmail service was disrupted again on Tuesday. This was attributed by the firm to data migration problems.