Smart security solution provider Tendi launches dual-thermal PTZ camera

Saturday, October 31, 2020, 14:05 GMT

Intelligent functions such as human and vehicle isolation, crosstalk, flame identification, and calculation of temperature anomalies are also incorporated in.

Lenses for thermal imaging. By mounting a germanium 50 mm lens using an uncooled vanadium focal plane, dual-infrared PTZ cameras can be detected up to 2mx2 m away from 3,000 m.

In addition , the thermal imaging lens performs intelligent functions such as the isolation of persons and cars, crosstalk, perimeter, flame identification, and calculation of temperature anomalies in conjunction with the intelligent image analysis feature.

Both optical and thermal images were stored in the dual-thermal PTZ sensor under an 8-inch exterior. Up to 44 times the image is given by the 5MP resolution optical lens, and the celebrity light technology enables you to see a bright screen even in low light.

The automatic tracking feature and the built-in GPS allow real-time position monitoring, and an automatic wiper fitted with a rainfall detection sensor does not damage the lens in the storm. It can also be combined with alert signals and alert noises, so it can be commonly deployed in areas requiring stringent surveillance requirements, such as forest fires, borders, ports, and warehouses.