SMIC is said to be pursuing agreements on EUV lithography equipment with Asmar

Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMIC) is working hard to acquire main lithography equipment for extreme ultraviolet (EUV) to improve process technology below 7nm. Industry observers said that SMIC was pursuing talks with the Dutch semiconductor equipment group ASML (ASML) on EUV lithography equipment with the assistance of the new vice-president, Jiang Shangyi.

SMIC aims to use EUV lithography machines to assemble chip products based on process technology below 7nm, according to sources. Recently, some media have announced that the business has switched from a 20nm process to a 3nm process, and the EUV lithography unit is the only thing missing. The company will mass manufacture 3nm chips with EUV lithography machines.

Asme’s headquarters are located in Feldhofen, the Netherlands. Its manufacturing and R&D facilities are based in Connecticut, California, Taiwan and the Netherlands, and Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Taiwan and the United States have technology growth centers and training facilities.

The customers represented by the company are large manufacturers of semiconductors in the world, manufacturing chips that are commonly used in products of power electronics, communications and information technology.

Today, extreme ultraviolet lithography devices can only be made by Asmar. It is reported that Samsung Electronics, Intel and TSMC have all purchased the company’s extreme ultraviolet lithography equipment. In April of this year, the research company Omdia said that ASM delivered 26 extreme ultraviolet lithography machines last year, and about half of them were for major customer TSMC.

Nevertheless, sources say that SMIC has been having trouble accessing extreme ultraviolet lithography machines from Asmerna. While such limitations do not technically affect Asmer, it still has issues.

SMIC is one of the Integrated Circuit Foundry Firms and its holding branches, offering foundry and technological facilities from 0.35 microns to 14 nanometers at various technology nodes.

The US Department of Commerce released a statement yesterday evening announcing that the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Business and Security (BIS) included SMIC on the list of organizations to limit its ability to access essential US technologies.

The U.S. Department of Commerce reported that US exporters shall apply for a license to market goods to the company until SMIC is included on the agency list.