Sony is planning to raise PS5 inventory, TSMC ASE is preparing more funding for capacity

The new-generation Sony game console PS5 with a two-color “sandwich” style that was displayed in June has been delivered, according to international media sources. It is predicted that international media will have strong profits. Sales were equivalent to 3,37 million units in the first 4 weeks.

Reports in the English-language media suggest that Sony’s PS5 sells well. Furthermore, at the end of the year, Sony expects to expand its inventory, which has also raised the demand for needed CPUs. Capacity support is also being planned by TSMC, which provides chip foundry services, and ASE, which provides packaging and testing services.

The Sony PS5 comes with an AMD custom-designed processor. A 7nm process is used by the chip foundry TSMC, and manufacturers such as ASE perform the packaging and testing services.

The processor would be the secret to the improvement in PS5 storage by Sony. This also needs TSMC and ASE assistance.

The processor needed for the Sony PS5 was already shipped in July, judging from the details revealed by AMD CEO Su Zifeng at the second-quarter earnings analyst conference call in July. In the article, the English media announced that there is news that Sony’s PS5 processor performance is continuously growing, and the monthly production capacity is now close to 1 million. Cumulative exports are forecast to exceed 6 million by the end of this year.

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