SpaceX wins the Pentagon satellite launch order

The firm will fly Falcon 9 twice, sending 14 satellites into space each time. The first launch is expected for the month of September 2022.
Created by Elon Musk, SpaceX, a private corporation, won a tender to launch 28 Pentagon space agency satellites. The Voice of America declared this on Friday, January 1, in regard to the US Department of Defense.

It is noted that the contract worth $150.4 million allows for the launch of small and medium-sized satellites to be ordered from different vendors by the Space Exploration Agency under the US Department of Defense.

From Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, SpaceX plans to launch two Falcon 9 launches, one with 14 satellites. SpaceX has developed four of these satellites.

At the same time, the first launch is set for September 2022, and by March 2023, both satellites will be launched into space.

Previously, the Pentagon’s space agency said that the firm providing the “best quality” will win the launch tender based on a variety of factors, including price, timetable, and previous launch experience.

In December, SpaceX unveiled the National Office of Military Space Intelligence’s classified reconnaissance NROL-108 spacecraft.

Before that, another covert satellite was launched by the United States . The NROL-44 spacecraft of the US National Space Intelligence Agency (NRO) has been put into orbit by the Delta IV heavy launch vehicle.