Special services of Ukraine demanded from Apple and Google to remove Russian applications from stores

Sunday, October 11, 2020, 17:52 GMT

The Ukrainian SBU is demanding that Apple and Google remove the Russian media and social network Vkontakte software from their shops. She had already sent a similar request to Apple in September 2020, but she did not comply with it and instead informed the owners of those applications of the Ukrainian authorities’ involvement.

SBU against applications from Russia

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has called for the withdrawal from the AppStore and Play Market of applications subject to sanctions. Apple and Google have already issued a proposal for the special service, but it does not affect all parts of the AppStore and Play Industry, but just the Ukrainian section.

First of all, the SBU is demanding the withdrawal from app stores of all services linked to Russian state media. Has stated since May 2017, the security forces have not bypassed the Vkontakte social network, which has been banned in Ukraine.

In its Telegram channel, the Ukrainian Special Service published information on the course of specifications for American IT giants.

The letter states: ‘The Security Council has introduced the blocking of banned Russian apps on Google and Apple’s electronic platforms.” International firms Google LLC and Apple Inc. have applied to the Security Council of Ukraine to sell smartphone apps on their Play Market and App Store platforms, including Russian social networks, created by legitimate organizations subject to economic and other restrictive sanctions.

Ukrainian security forces again took up arms on “Vkontakte”

Furthermore, the SBU appealed to the Ukrainian authorities as well. At the same time, the Security Service demanded that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine also notify the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the foreign partners operating on our State’s territory of compliance with the criteria of current legislation, “the SBU said in a statement.”

The guy who’s at gunpoint

In addition to the Vkontakte network application, MIA Rossiya Segodnya, VGTRK and NTV ‘s branded smartphone services could be excluded from the Ukrainian App Store and Google Play. In total, the Russian media owns more than 30 apps in the App Store alone.

Message demanding the removal of software in the official Telegram channel of the SBU

An application to delete these applications has already been received by Apple — the SBU, according to Kommersant, submitted it on 11 September 2020. Apple did not meet with the requirements of the Ukrainian security officers-all the apps are still available in its shop, but there is still a certain reaction-Apple told the developers about the requirements of the Ukrainian security officers.

Notice that the air blocking of Russian TV channels has been in place in Ukraine from 2014 to the present. Similar sanctions were also imposed on their official websites in 2018, and the Rossiya Segodnya Party websites, including RIA Novosti and Sputnik, were blocked at the same time.

Why Ukraine disliked Vkontakte

A appeal by the SBU to delete the Vkontakte application from the App Store and Google Play was followed by a complaint by the SBU to Apple and Google about this social network. The Special Service announced on 8 October 2020 that its stores had applications that would allow them to circumvent the blocking of Vkontakte and other Russian services barred in Ukraine.

According to Serhiy Demedyuk, Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC), the Ukrinform portal reports that the activation of Russian social networks on the eve of the local elections in Ukraine on 25 October 2020 “can pose a danger to the country’s national security.”

The social network Vkontakte announced in mid-September 2020 that it had managed to find a way to circumvent Ukraine’s blockade. A notice emerged in the public ‘VK Ukraine’ on this network (vk.com/ua) that the developers had reconfigured the proxy in the smartphone program, allowing the citizens of Ukraine to use it ‘without limitations’ and with additional means to circumvent it. “Between you and the messenger, music , games and several other resources, there are no more barriers-use VK as before, without a VPN,” reads a post on the group channel.

Absolute power over consumers of Vkontakte

Two weeks after Vkontakte posted on the bypassing of the blockade in Ukraine on September 25, 2020, it became public that Ukrainian law enforcement agencies were planning new steps to combat the country’s activity of this network. They were going to start monitoring local users in Ukraine who will want to visit Vkontakte. Users could be prosecuted in the form of being registered with the Ukrainian police for the dissemination of Russian material through this and other social networks banned by local legislation.

The President of the (NSDC) of Ukraine, Alexey Danilov, said this. He also added that in the very immediate future, the question of the termination of the Vkontakte application in Ukraine will be resolved.

The RBC-Ukraine agency announced on 9 October 2020, quoting its sources in law enforcement agencies, that the Ukrainian police will still not register Ukrainian users of Vkontakte. “This is not being achieved by the cyber police. “Danilov was very puzzled or mistaken,” said an unidentified agency source.