Steam December hardware survey shows that Simplified Chinese users account for 47.18%

For December 2020, Steam recently published hardware survey results. From the results, we can see that on the Steam website, the number of simplified Chinese users reached 47.18 percent, an improvement of 30.22 percent from the previous month, exceeding English users and ranking first.

25.63 percent of the second-ranked English users and 7.35 percent of Russian users were seventh.

The first time the top of the list was hit by Simplified Chinese users dates back to 2017. Simplified Chinese users accounted for more than 60 percent at one point because of the success of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The summit has everything to do with the unveiling of “Cyberpunk 2077” this time around. In addition, this season’s Steam winter sale has also drawn several Chinese players to give generously.