STMicro, a POL converter IC with improved radiation resistance, is released

The Italian-French joint venture STMicroelectronics has published the high radiation resistance step-down DC-DC converter IC ‘RHRPMPOL01.’ It is highly resistant to single event disruptions because it is manufactured using SOI (Silicon On Insulator) technology (SEL).

11:38 GMT, Monday, November 30, 2020

Specifically, when linear energy transfer (LET) is up to 70 MeVcm 2 / mg, the absence of SEL is ensured. It can be used as a POL converter that supplies power built in space electronic devices to FPGAs, DSPs, microcomputers, ASICs, etc.

In addition to high-side and low-side transfer components (n-channel power MOSFETs), on a single chip are integrated power control logic circuits, bootstrap diodes, different safety circuits, etc. The switch element’s on-resistance is low. Both the higher and the lower hand are 25m (standard value). The control system for the feedback loop is peak current mode. The range of the input voltage (V IN) is +3.0 to 12.0V. The consumer will set the output voltage in the range of + 0.8V to 0.85 ⁇ V IN .

7A is the highest output current. For an external part, the switching frequency is user programmable and ranges from 100k to 1MHz. Packed with protection function for undervoltage, protection function for overvoltage, protection function for overheat, protection function for overcurrent, etc.

It complies with the test criteria ‘SMD (Standard Microcircuit Drawing)’ set by the station, in addition to passing the qualification program ‘QML-V’ set by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) in the USA. A limit of 100 kRad (Si) for the overall ion exposure (TID) effect was guaranteed by radiation tolerance (RHA). No incidence is guaranteed when linear energy transfer (LET) is up to 70 MeVcm 2 / mg for Single Case Snap-Back (SESB).

Two new goods can be prepared and the step of each output voltage can be changed for synchronous operation by 180 degrees. By doing this it is possible to achieve more current output. It was contained in a ceramic box and was airtightly sealed. Specifically, it is a 28-terminal FLAT PACK with 18.57 mm x 10.74 mm x 3 mm exterior dimensions. The temperature range for activity is -55 to + 125 ° C. It has already started mass manufacturing. The price has not been announced.