Suddenly, Huawei’s commercial desktop PC is here! Want to move the cake?

The first commercial desktop product from Huawei was formally released today on the official website!

Saturday, November 21, 2020, 10:37 GMT

This Huawei MateStation B515 desktop workstation features a host fitted with processors from the AMD Ryzen 4000 series, a 23.8-inch Huawei display and Huawei’s own mouse, keyboard and other peripherals.

Earlier, several reports broke the news that a self-developed Kunpeng processor based on the Arm architecture could be used for Huawei’s PC devices. The boots finally arrived, and Huawei decided to join AMD’s forces.

Equipped with the Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition operating system, Huawei MateStation B515 will share the one touch” of Huawei with Huawei cell phones and drag and drop documents and photographs effortlessly. In addition, the WiFi 5 network link is also enabled by Huawei MateStation B515, meaning you can surf the Internet without a network cable.

Huawei MateStation B515 is now on the Huawei Mall, but for the time being, there is no open buying entry and no official price is seen.

A Weibo domestic user broke the news that in the early stage, Huawei MateStation B515 will be opened to government, companies and other institutions and will be opened to the mass market in the future.

  1. It’s thinner than a laptop bag! Equipped with the top APU by AMD

Huawei uses a grille design in the outer part of the host, which is said to be inspired by the “Oriental Order Aesthetics” which is relatively basic overall, and this design also increases the chassis’ heat dissipation ability.

The front panel of the case features three ports, a USB 3.2 Gen 2 port, a USB Type-C port and a 3.5mm headphone port.

The height and weight of the chassis are what is worth noting. The length of the lower side is only 293mm, the width is 93mm, the height of the chassis is 315.5mm, and the weight is only 4.2kg. You know, some high-end gaming notebooks have hit around 4 kg in weight, and the weight of an external power supply reaches 5 kg once.

It can be seen that there is a certain degree of versatility in the Huawei MateStation B515, and it can be packed away in a handbag or bigger backpack.

Not long ago, both Intel and AMD were given approval to export x86 desktop processors to Huawei by the US Department of Commerce. This period, Huawei MateStation B515 has two specs using AMD 7nm Ryzen 4000 series processors, AMD Ryzen 5 G and AMD Ryzen 7 4700G.

The CPU has 8 cores and 16 threads, the core frequency is up to 4.4GHz, the thermal design power consumption is 65W, the memory supports dual-channel DDR4 3200MHz frequency, and the Radeon Vega 8 GPU is integrated with the 4700G. AMD Ryzen 7 G adopts Zen 2 architecture. 512 stream processors, and 2100MHz is the frequency.

The latest 4700G test results have not yet been leaked, but its performance should be equivalent to the Intel Core i9-9900K according to the specs, and the i9-9900K is Intel’s previous generation’s best market CPU. Of course, the Vega 8 GPU graphics output is considerably ahead of the i9-9900K optimized display.

“League of Legends.”League of Legends.

“AMD, Yes!”AMD, Yes!

The efficiency contrast between the 4700G and the M1 chip from Apple, however is worthy of more consideration.

  1. Dual-channel memory, solid state SSD, Internet connection without cable from the network!

In terms of capacity, Huawei MateStation B515 supports 8GB or 16GB 3200MHz dual-channel ram, fitted with PCIe NVMe SSD solid-state hard drives, 256GB and 512GB hard drives, and can also be equipped with 1TB mechanical hard drives, but hard drive and memory vendors are not marked.

At the IC WORLD academic conference that just ended, Yang Shining, CEO of YMTC, said that YMTC’s 64-layer flash memory has joined the supply chain of Huawei Mate40, so there is also the prospect of using YMTC solid-state drives for Huawei MateStation B515.

To my surprise, WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 are supported by Huawei MateStation B515 and support 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band, 2 ⁇ 2 MIMO, WPA/WPA2 and other applications.

That is to say, there is no network cable needed for Huawei’s desktop computer and it can be linked directly to WiFi.

This motherboard comes with a WiFi feature that is usually available above 304.74 $US on high-end motherboards. It can be shown that the benefits of Huawei in the area of communications have been transformed. In order to obtain actual product benefits.

However no details about the motherboard used by the Huawei MateStation B515 is currently available. Some Weibo users broke the news that the product does not rule out the use of the Kunpeng motherboard of Huawei itself. Before, there were also domestic Yellow River K680 G1 hosts using processors from Kunpeng.

300W is the power supply used for this network. The chassis heat dissipation adopts a down-pressure air-cooled heat dissipation because the power consumption is not high. The fan facilitates temperature control and speed management by PWM, although it is not clear if the fuselage front is fitted as usual with a fan.

Three, a complete collection of Huawei peripherals, touching and touching the phone and device alone,

Huawei also paired this host with its own monitor, which has not yet been revealed to the monitor maker.

The height of this monitor is 23.8 inches, IPS is the screen content, 1920-1080 is the resolution, and a 5.72 mm narrow frame style is used. The screen ratio will exceed 90 percent, it is said. This monitor was also approved by Rheinland TV for eye safety.

The Huawei MateStation B515 keyboard and mouse are both Huawei-owned devices. For a key stroke of 2.5mm, the keyboard uses scissor keys.

It should be noted that the keyboard supports two-in-one power-on and fingerprint unlocking, and has a built-in “Shift” button on the right NFC module that supports the sharing feature of Huawei. You can connect the Huawei cell phone to the keyboard by tapping it and transmitting data.

In the past, the use of Huawei’s PC sharing feature was primarily in the field of notebooks, mainly for Huawei cell phones and Huawei notebooks to be linked and shared. Huawei has now taken this experience to desktop computers and more.

Once there was practically just high-speed interconnection between desktops and cell phones between iMac computers and iPhones, and now Huawei MateStation B515 also enables Windows operating systems-equipped desktops to have similar experience.

Documents and photographs can be dragged and moved between the mobile phone and the device after the Huawei mobile phone and Huawei MateStation B515 have been exchanged and linked via Huawei, and a video call from the mobile phone can also be viewed via the computer.

Of course, users can also sync images, photographs and other information between computers, cell phones and tablets via Huawei Cloud. In office and learning situations, this feature has reasonably high functional implementation importance.

Allegedly, even without a cell phone, users just need to log in to a Huawei account to handle personal data on a computer, such as mobile phones and tablets, and to retain coordinated alerts on various devices.

Finally, the longevity of the MateStation B515 was also stressed by Huawei. Such durability measurements suggest that this is a commodity of good market potential for ToB.

Conclusion: Is Huawei moving to Conclusion: Can Huawei join the latest commercial laptop PC battlefield?

Huawei MateStation B515 may be claimed to be the first time that consumer laptop devices have been taken to the front by Huawei. There was a great deal of knowledge circulated on the Internet that desktop products would be launched by Huawei. The boots actually arrived this time.

It is safe to assume this commodity has lived up to the standards of everybody. The new mainstream standard has been achieved through its computing performance and storage performance, and even the CPU performance has reached the flagship level.

And Windows 10 is actually one of the most commonly adopted, most mature and reliable PC operating systems in terms of the operating environment, so there is no reason to worry about the compatibility of the tech platform for enterprise users.

In addition, features such as Huawei Sharing and Huawei Cloud also provide Huawei cell phone users with a lot of ease for using this computer, which are some good points worthy of appreciation.