Supporting Netflix’ chaos process’ that AWS even practices, a new service that purposely triggers errors

With Amazon Web Sites online,‘s CTO, Verner Fake. He revealed new services and new features for system growth and implementation at the keynote address of the annual event ‘AWS re: Invent 2020.’ The highlight is the recent “AWS Fault Injection Simulator” service that simulates device errors.

In addition, the command line shell “AWS CloudShell” that does not entail configuration work, and the device management services “Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus” and “Amazon Managed Service for Grafana” have also been added.

The AWS Cloud Shell is a command-line shell built on a web browser. The current “AWS CLI” command line tool offered by AWS needed configuration work, such as downloading separate runtimes before using it. You don’t have to do this for AWS CloudShell. Just press the button on the AWS console panel and you’re good to go.

“Built on AWS’ original Linux “Amazon Linux 2” shell environment, AWS CLI, “Amazon ECS” server managed container control command line software, Python, “Node.js” JavaScript execution environment, etc on AWS Pre-installed with general tools needed for development and operation.

Boost availability and tolerance for faults by purposely inducing errors
Chaos tech”Chaos engineering” It is understood that Netflix, a global video streaming firm, performs it. AWS Fault Injection Simulator”AWS Fault Injection Simulator”

“Failure Injection Testing (FIT)” is repeated by Chaos Engineering to validate the system’s “elasticity” Elasticity is an indication that the consumer is not negatively harmed by a malfunction. Problems in the device can be found via this test, which will lead to increased availability and fault tolerance.