Telegram crashed around the world for the third time in a week and the fifth time in a month

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Telegram broke down, but it was fixed quickly enough

The Middle East, Russia and Europe without Telegram:

Telegram messengers are out of service now. In most European countries, disturbances to their function have been found and have influenced the western part of Russia.

The first concerns about Telegram ‘s job started to arrive at 13:25 Moscow time, according to the DownDetector portal, which specializes in tracking the wellbeing of internet providers. The majority of users (76%) noted difficulty linking to the servers of the messenger, 23% were unable to receive or transmit a response.

Telegram malfunctions have also occurred in many countries and areas of the globe, judging from the responses. Ethiopians, for instance, complained about the sluggish sending about messages, and the Israelis were willing to do so.

We add that Telegram had been blocked in Europ & Asians pays in April 2018, but it continued to run successfully. Only in June 2020 did the authorities plan to lift the blockage from it.

The causes have not been revealed

Telegram ‘s work in a number of countries around the world was revived at the time of the release of the content. The messenger also operates in Russia-this is mentioned by users from St. Petersburg, Pyatigorsk and Moscow, in particular.

Hardest hit countries

In the meantime, the messenger team of Pavel Durov did not announce the source of the errors. They still may not define how large-scale it was, saying that in just one part of the world the issues arose. “In the last 45 minutes, some of our consumers in Eastern Europe might have had connectivity problems. “Everything should be in order now, sorry for the inconvenience,” Telegram officials said.

Third time out of a week, fifth time out of a month
In the past couple of days, Telegram was not secure. Another large-scale failure literally occurred on September 21, 2020, affecting, for the most part, only Russian users.

The concerns emerged just the same-some persons were unable to transmit or receive a post, and some were much less fortunate-they were unable to connect to Telegram servers.

Telegram has been storming heavily in the last month

On September 19, 2020, Telegram did not run again, and Asians users as well as citizens of a number of European countries were again the hardest affected. The developers have agreed not to reveal the source of the breakdowns all three times.

According to DownDetector, during September 2020, Telegram crashed at least five times-except for the cases mentioned above, on 18 and 15 September. This days, however, there were not major difficulties-the number of complaints was 80 and 146, respectively.

Telegram has broken before

Telegram has been operating since 2013, but it also crashes occasionally. For starters, many wrote about a failure of its web version on May 31, 2017, which was associated with a DNS mistake, as it turned out later. The topic was global in scope and linked all of its territories to the website.

Once again, Telegram suffered a huge crash at the end of March 2018, a few weeks before the Russian blockade. Users, both in the program and in the online interface, were unable to send or receive messages. Residents of Russia , Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany , Italy, the United Kingdom and other European countries had trouble connecting to Telegram, and it took several hours to solve this issue.

In June 2019, Telegram was unable to survive a huge DDoS attack in a matter of hours and reached the planet. In this, Pavel Durov saw a clear correlation with China, because the attack coincided with the mass demonstrations that took place in Hong Kong at the time, organized by the messenger.