Tesla internal email reveals that employees maliciously sabotaged Fremont factory

Wednesday, October 7, 2020 – 12:55 GMT

An internal email sent to workers by electric car maker Tesla on October 7 recently disclosed that an employee was accused last month of “maliciously sabotaging” several facilities at the company’s car factory in Fremont , California, resulting in plant operations being halted. Multiple hours.

The employee was dismissed following an disciplinary investigation.

In this email, Tesla’s acting general counsel and vice president. Al Prescott, claimed that the firm reacted immediately to the incident and that the factory’s service was only interrupted for a brief period.

“He wrote in an email:” Our IT and InfoSec teams determined two weeks ago that someone had destroyed some of the factory ‘s facilities maliciously. Their swift efforts avoided further disruption and within a few hours, the factory resumed smooth operation.

At the Fremont site, which is one of Tesla’s most significant production centers, more than 10,000 employees operate. The corporation here manufactures Model S , Model X, Model 3 and Model Y versions and sells vehicles in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Efficient production is becoming more important as the demand for Tesla vehicles increases, especially for its Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles. Tesla’s priorities and plans may be negatively impacted by any delay in the production line.


If Tesla internally addressed the incident or approached law enforcement authorities for assistance remains uncertain. The Fremont Police Department reported that no accidents resembling these conditions were replied to by them. The FBI’s San Francisco office did not immediately respond to calls for comment from reporters.

In an email, Prescott said the unidentified worker was accused of attempting to “cover up his criminal activity,” frame a relative, and ruin a business machine. Finally, he admitted to his misconduct after seeing the definitive facts. The working arrangement was thus terminated by Tesla.

Of such malicious acts of terrorism, Tesla is no stranger, and has a good internal security team. CEO Elon Musk reported last month that a cyberattack had targeted Tesla’s factory in Nevada. In 2018, in an internal email, Musk warned that someone was trying to disrupt the company. He later stated that that person was Martin Tripp (Martin Tripp), a former employee, and that the two sides had already challenged each other in court.

Prescott said Tesla would not allow immoral actions and will take action against staff who participate in such actions. “He said:” We trust our workers very much and respect the commitment of all. However, these are illegal acts that breach our code of ethics and are unacceptable to our workers, no matter what the attackers’ personal motivations are. Act vigorously to protect the organization and our staff.’