Tesla releases software updates: cars can detect signs of speed limits via cameras

Tesla is making progress with a software update that will enable the self-driving system of its electric vehicle to be detected Speed limit signs through cameras. Under the applicable instructions provided by the program, when a camera senses a speed limit sign, it will appear on the car screen and can be used to set the speed limit

The new software update also incorporates control functions for the traffic lights and stop signs.

When the signal light comes on The intersection turns orange, the Tesla car at the stop line sounds like a bell to recall and the driver eventually
Decide whether to proceed, and when.

Tesla introduced a beta software update in April of this year for its latest vehicles, enabling the identification and tracking of vehicles Reply at intersections to stop signs and traffic lights.

The “full autonomous driving” is claimed to be Autopilot version has the feature “monitor traffic lights and stop signs.” After that function is activated, when you reach traffic lights and stop signs Tesla will slow down to stop. Before the car goes in again, the driver must step on the accelerator gently, or turn the Autopilot joystick.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has unveiled a traffic signal and stop sign control feature developed by Tesla in 2018.
He said: “Your Tesla will soon be driving from the garage at home to the office without parking. Intervention of driver.

While Tesla named this driving mode “absolute autonomous driving,” Musk has also promised to launch a driving mode
This year’s Tesla fully autonomous, but not everything has been done yet. Tesla also needs drivers.

Tesla’s Autopilot system starts at about $7,000 so users can enjoy supported driving features including Govern speed limits and stop signs.