The 2021 Nest home surveillance camera product line is about to be launched by Google

Google announced that it has sold out the Nest Cam IQ home outdoor surveillance camera today. Around the same time, the Nest team announced to the media that the 2021 series of home surveillance camera product lines are preparing to be released. Nest officially released the Cam IQ camera for the first time in June 2017, and provided an outdoor variant in late September. Nest customers can also accept new app features, bug fixes, and critical security upgrades in addition to the existing product updates.

Google revealed a strategic alliance with ADT in August last year and it is expected to deliver even more surprises in the second half of 2021. It is said that a new range of security technologies are being established by both parties that will allow trained technicians to benefit from equipment such as Nest cameras and Hub Max.

The $ 129.99 indoor variant of the Nest Cam Indoor (the price was also lowered by $ 70 in May) and Nest IQ, as well as the outdoor version of the Nest Cam Outdoor, are included in Google’s latest home surveillance camera lineup.

While the last hardware upgrade dates back to the end of 2017, at least one year later, Google added voice activation support for the Cam IQ Indoor intelligent assistant from Google Assistant.

The Nest Conscious subscription model was updated by Google at the end of 2020, splitting the cloud video storage span into 30/60 days, and users would opt to record 7/24 hours over 10 days. The regular subscription’s monthly fee is USD, and the premium subscription’s monthly fee is USD 12 (there is also an annual payment option).

Finally, last year, Nest also offered a new thermostat for $129.99, and smart speakers for Nest Music. A smart monitor (which was approved by the FCC yesterday), a new Nest Hub product, and a 2021 home surveillance camera product range, which could arrive in a few months, may be released in the future.