The 27th country! Bulgaria joins the US “clean network” agreement

Monday, October 26, 2020, 8:19 GMT

Bulgaria and the United States signed a statement on the security of 5 G mobile telecom networks last Friday, according to Reuters. The statement will ensure safe and clean communications, officials said.

As a result, Bulgaria has joined the US State Department’s ‘Clean Network’ program, which seeks to prevent Chinese companies’ presence in the global telecommunications industry.

“In a video signing agreement issued by the Bulgarian Government, US Deputy Secretary of Economic Affairs Keith Krach stated:” The situation in Bulgaria is very good. As a member of the NATO alliance, the “clean network” is currently the 27th member of the 30 NATO member states to participate. Nation of s.

The signing was labeled “historical” by the U.S. Embassy in Sofia and claimed that Bulgaria is entering a “alliance of more and more countries and enterprises dedicated to defending their 5 G networks from insecure providers.”

Some countries around the world have been lobbied by the US government to exclude Chinese manufacturers of communication devices, including Huawei, from developing 5 G networks.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said that guidance on 5 G network protection should be issued by the European Union, which should be focused on equal competition and openness.

The declaration of the Bulgarian Government did not name any particular vendors, nor did it mention what this document means to the Bulgarian telecommunications providers who would build 5 G networks.

The Bulgarian business newspaper Kapital, however, quoted Keith Krach as saying that the key aim of this move is to ensure that, instead of Huawei and ZTE, Bulgarian telecoms operators can use trusted suppliers.