The 5G security forum is held by the Korea Information Security Industry Association

The results of the activities and plans of the 5G Security Forum for the next year were discussed by the Korea Information Security Industry Association (Chairman Lee Dong-beom, hereinafter KISIA) To do so, the settlement management committee was held online.

On that day the Chairman of the Forum, Professor Yeom Heung-yeol of Soonchunhyang University, as well as 10 experts from industry, academia and institutions, attended the Steering Committee to share the results of the 2020 standardization activities and to discuss next year’s standardization plans.

As a national core communication infrastructure, 5G is a next-generation technology that is expected to play a role. As a core industry leading a hyper-connected society in which all areas of our society are linked, it is expected to grow in the future.

The area of ‘security’ is gradually becoming an essential element in this hyper-connected society and its significance is being emphasized. In particular, security can be considered as the foundation of a new industry for 5G-based convergence services such as 5G network-based autonomous vehicles, smart cities, smart factories, realistic content, and digital healthcare.

In May of this year, the 5G Security Forum was established to guide the standardization of 5G security at home and abroad. The forum is based on close cooperation with experts from academia, research institutes and industry in the field of information security related to domestic 5G security. At the inauguration ceremony in May, Professor Yeom Heung-yeol of Soonchunhyang University was elected as chairman, and the standardization project has been promoted by having three sub-divisions: Technology Standards Division, Policy Division, and Operation Division.

This year is the first year of the forum, a forum official explained, but it has also achieved remarkable results. Macdata, a member of the technical standards subcommittee of the forum, proposed a new ITU-T SG17 international standard item and adopted a security framework for low-latency and high-reliability 5G private network services. It was discovered, reported and reflected in ITU-T SG17 and 3GPP, respectively.

Furthermore it added that the forum not only develops standards, but also focuses on allowing them to be used in real industrial fields. Through the Korea Information Security Industry Association (KISIA), which participates as an operating sub-committee in forum activities, members of the association are encouraged to participate actively in standard development, and standards developed and established by the forum are applied to information security companies’ services and products.
In addition, efforts are being made to increase the degree of completion in industry-linked activities for example.

The forum will continue to serve as a communication channel for different stakeholders, based on the performance of this year, such as mobile telecommunications companies, network equipment companies, cloud and information security services companies that will provide 5G services in the future, and will share the latest information in the 5G security field and domestic 5G related industries. It will also actively undertake security awareness-raising activities.

Future forum standardization activities aim to contribute to improving the competitiveness of standard users, such as ensuring the safety of 5G equipment and related services, reducing company production costs and avoiding duplicate investment through product compatibility.

“Heung-yeol Yeom, Chairman of the 5G Security Forum, said Next year 2021, Korea-led ITU-T SG17, 3GPP SA3, which is the target organization for 5G security standardization, will support the development of international 5G security standards. We will work to serve as a standard development platform.

KISIA Chairman Lee Dong-beom said In the future, active domestic and foreign standardization efforts for various 5G security are needed, and cooperation in the 5G security field with Japan, China and the United States should be sought.” On the other hand, detailed information can be found on the KISIA website about membership of the 5G security forum and related projects.