The argument that the Greek Parliament’s website was hacked by Turkish hackers

The official website of the Greek Parliament was allegedly hacked by Turkish hackers, according to some reports in the Greek press. Kiriakos Kokkinos, the Greek Undersecretary for Research, Innovation, and Digital Policy, claimed that the allegations of a cyber attack were false and that the issue was caused by a technological failure.

The cyber attack carried out by Turkish hackers was said to be the source of the technological difficulties faced on the official website of the Greek Parliament in recent days. It turned out that the argument made in the Greek press was false. AN EXCLUSIVE EXPLANATION” According to Greek Research, Innovation, and Digital Policy Undersecretary Kiriakos Kokkinos’ comment on the accusations, there is no proof that the cyber attack occurred. Kikonos characterized the connection to the Turkish hacker in the news in the media as “an unfortunate statement,” pointing out that the issue on the site was triggered by a technological fault.