The Bank of China will stop moving money from the cell phone edition of Windows Phone tomorrow.

News from the IT House September 26 A customer of the Bank of China sent a message announcing the suspension of external transfers to a mobile banking customer version of Windows Phone.
IT Home learned that the Bank of China announced that in view of the fact that Microsoft has gradually stopped the security upgrade of its Windows Phone system and store maintenance services to provide you with smarter, easy and safe mobile financial services, our bank plans to start operating the related external transfer services of the Windows Phone version of the Windows Phone version in 2020 from 27 September (Sunday)

In order to better protect the protection of your funds, the Bank of China has indicated that it is recommended that you use our iOS or Android mobile banking system for financial transactions and save your security authentication tools and relevant passwords properly to prevent fraud.

IT Home previously announced that the Bank of China Mobile Banking Windows Phone customer welcomed the update in June 2017, the insurance module added additional life insurance insurance, the precious metal benefit module added the physical withdrawal feature of precious metal, and the optimization of deposit management module feature integration, optimizing other functions such as cross-border