The big edition in 2021 is welcomed by Microsoft browser: a first look at the latest features of Edge 888

A big upgrade to the Microsoft Edge browser will take place in 2021, ushering in Edge 88. In the Edge roadmap, Microsoft has announced the future features and updates in the latest version. Both of these features can be found in Microsoft Edge’s Canary test channel. These updates will be carried out from January to March for the public.

When you close several windows, this new functionality will display alert messages.

Users can see a pop-up message with two options until it is enabled: ‘Cancel’ and ‘Close all windows.’ You can choose ‘Don’t ask me again’ if you don’t like this feature.

Work with vertical mark

On Microsoft Edge 88, the new button on the left allows you to turn back and forth between vertical and horizontal tabs. Your browsing windows will be viewed vertically on the left after triggering the vertical tab user interface.

You can also rearrange tags, such as “tag groups” or “tag search” and use Chromium features.

Preview of Mark

Microsoft plans to include support for the widely awaited tab preview feature in January.

The tag preview helps you to hover the mouse over the tag to see the website preview shown under the mouse, as the name implies. When you have several tabs open at the same time, the tab preview is particularly helpful.

Default viewer with PDFs

The default PDF viewer can now be identified by Microsoft Edge and can lead users to Windows 10 applications.

Dictionary PDF

Microsoft has announced that a new feature is being introduced which will allow you to access instant pop-up definitions of selected terms in PDF files.

Moreover, you can also use a new sidebar search from Edge, which effectively helps you to reach Bing without interrupting your surfing.

Flash Player With Flash

Adobe will discontinue Flash Player support on Windows after December 31, 2020, and the Flash plug-in will no longer play Flash content on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and other browsers.

Cookie Browser

You can uninstall third-party cookies in Edge 88 without changing the cookies of the first party. Filters can also be used to identify first-party or third-party cookies easily and to filter the list by name, number of cookies and amount of data.