The British have spent millions dollars per a day on smartphone gaming. At the top of the list: a game in Israel

Roblox and Candy Crush are the games after Kevin Master, the Israeli Moonactive hit. Compared to last year’s Black Friday, UK spending on smartphone games increased 16 percent .

17:47 GMT, Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Breaking milestones in 2020 digital revenues continue: Black Friday this year smashed an all-time high in smartphone gaming spending by UK residents: $6.5 million, up 16 percent from 2019, when game developers opted for $5.6 million. This is according to the Sensor Tower mobile market research firm.

Coin Master, the big smartphone success from the Israeli company Moonactive, was the game that took in the most. The gaming site and famous creation, Roblux, which is currently on the road to an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange, and the veteran Candy Crush, which was released in 2012, followed at the top of the spending pile. Apple devices accounted for about 63 percent of the revenue; the remaining 37 percent came from Android.

Owing to the fact that Black Friday registered 2.2 million game downloads, the rise in revenue is mostly reflective of an increase in spending on current titles, a figure nearly similar to that measured last year.

The polling firm has not yet published the equivalent figures in the United States, but American players spent about $70 million a day last year on Black Friday. It can be estimated that, considering the rapid growth of the gaming industry in the past year, there will also be a rise in comparable prices.

Around the same time, sales of physical versions of games were down 20 percent over the week leading up to Black Friday, where only over a million games were sold. Approximately 38 percent of them were for the Nintendo switch console, which, considering the fact that its two main rivals – Sony and Microsoft – both launched a new wave of game consoles, enjoyed an increase in sales this year.

In 2020, after the corona epidemic, when the planet was forced to go into closure, the game industry saw a spike in revenue, usage and number of users. In July, research company Newzoo reported that some format of gaming is played by 2.7 billion of the world’s population and that the industry as a whole is projected to roll in $159.3 billion throughout the year. In 2019, approximately 60% of the revenues of the gaming industry came from the smartphone market.