The cause of the fire in the Apple supplier Xinxing Electronics Factory is under investigation

Thursday, October 29, 2020, 15:23 GMT

Xinxing Electronics in chinia reported that the organization rescued workers immediately and securely and alerted the emergency relief operations firefighting team. The firefighting team is yet to confirm the fireplace and the exact cause of the fire. The Shanying plant’s CSP (Chip Scale Package) is the main influence. Exact loss The number is being investigated and measured. The plant is based in Taoyuan, according to media sources.

Xinxing Electronics said that to minimize the effect of this incident on consumers, the organization would organize the manufacturing capacity of separate factories.

A supplementary statement was released by Xinxing Electronics this morning claiming that the monthly revenue of the factory accounts for around 6 percent of the group’s consolidated revenue and has land insurance and operating interruption insurance.