The CEO of Parler says its service may never be online again

Social media platforms represented by Parler CEO John Martz (John Matze), Parler may never resume activities on the line. Previously, large American technology companies blocked the social media platform because of accusations of failing to monitor violent content effectively.

Last week, following the U.S. The Capitol was violently attacked by U.S. supporters. A group of commercial service providers instantly cut off their services to the two-year-old social media platform, President Trump. Mats said in an interview with Reuters on Wednesday, local time, that he does not know when or whether these service providers will be able to resume their services with Parler.

“It may never be restored,” he said. “As of now, we don’t know about this.” In a legal document, Parler said that it currently has more than 12 million users.

Parler is in talks with a number of providers of cloud computing services, Mats said. But he refused to disclose the name of the provider of cloud computing services he was negotiating, on the grounds that the company could be harassed. The best way, he said, is for Amazon to resume Parler’s services.

On Monday, Parler sued Amazon, as Amazon’s cloud computing service cut off Parler’s web hosting services. But the legal action taken against Parler by Amazon said it didn’t do any good. Mats claimed that Parler is also considering suing other providers who have cut off services, but he refused to provide more details.

“Parler claims to be a social media platform for the space of “free speech,” loved by US President Donald Trump’s supporters. Amazon cut off the services provided to Parler by its servers last weekend, claiming that the social media platform failed to monitor violent content effectively. In addition, Parler was also removed by Apple and Alphabet’s Google App Store.

“Now, it is difficult to know how many people are going to tell us that we can no longer do business with them.”Now, it’s hard to know how many people are going to tell us we can’t do business with them anymore.

On Tuesday, Amazon submitted evidence that it warned at the end of last year that malicious and threatening language was flooding the Parler platform. After the U.S., therefore, Supporters of President Trump, Amazon’s cloud computing service cut off the services provided to Parler, Capitol was violently attacked, it is not a temporary accident. In a document submitted to the court on Wednesday, however, Parler said that Amazon did not provide evidence that the platform was used on January 6 to instigate and organize the violence in the US Capitol.

Disinformation researchers argue that on some social media platforms, including Parler, the extreme right organizations that emerged from the violent impact of the US Congress have been very active. Many Trump supporters gathered at the Parler platform to publish and spread violent statements before this violent incident.

Mats said that Stripe and American Express (American Express) online payment service companies also cut off services to Parler, and Parler also lost Scylla Enterprise’s database service. After being blocked by Twilio, Parler cannot send text messages, nor can it use Slack Services.

“cannot and will not allow our technology to be used by it to incite violence.”cannot and will not allow our technology to be used by it to incite violence, although it supports freedom of speech.

Twilio said Parler had violated its policy of acceptable use. Twilio will suspend its services if its social media platform can not rule out incitement to violence. In view of the ban, other service providers did not respond immediately to Reuters’ requests for comment.

He and his staff were threatened, Mats said, and someone appeared threateningly without authorization at their residence. He said that some of the employees of Parler therefore requested leave and asked them for a few weeks to rest.

Mats also said that although Parler has recently undergone unexpected changes, there has been no change in the attitudes of investors towards Parler. Hedge fund investor Robert Mercer (Robert Mercer) and his daughter Rebekah Mercer are among Parler’s investors (Rebekah Mercer).