The FBI and Interpol end the work of the anonymous Joker’s Stash carder

FBI and Interpol experts took hold of several servers of the broad Joker’s Stash carder platform, briefly interrupting the activity of the site, ZDNet reports. Interpol officials told reporters that there is already an active organized police investigation, but refused to comment further on the issue.

Special ‘stubs’ (see diagram above) about domain confiscation emerged at four Joker Stash sites: jstash.bazar, jstash.lib, jstash.emc, and jstash.coin. The publication states that top-level domains are used for these platforms and run by the blockchain corporation Emercoin. That is, on the blockchain, the archives for these domains are kept and can not be passed to others without the domain owner’s cryptographic signature.

Experts from the information technology firm KELA called journalists’ attention to the fact that the administrators of Joker’s Stash have already confirmed that the malfunctioning of the site had been triggered by law enforcement authorities. They write, though, that only foreign servers have been detained by the authorities and it won’t take long to remove the repercussions and set up new servers.

The activities of the FBI and Interpol are often identified by specialist firms Intel 471 and Digital Shadows as a “temporary” concern for carders.

“It is likely that taking over the .bazar domain will have little impact on Joker’s Stash, especially since several versions of the site are maintained by the Joker’s Stash team and Tor links are still working fine,” says Digital Shadows.

“It is interesting that one of the first advocates of the transition of dark network resources to the blockchain was Joker’s Stash. “The actions of law enforcement agencies do not seem to bother criminals now, “Gemini Advisory told reporters.

The carder network has been in service since the fall of 2014, according to Gemini Advisory, and also publishes packets of stolen payment card information that can be used for fraudulent purchases such as CP (card present) and CNP (card missing).

Let me warn you that, from time to time, Joker’s Stash also gets on the newspaper pages and in analyst papers, as big dumps containing data from millions of bank cards crop up on the web. Recently, for example, the BIGBADABOOM-III dump related to the compromise of the American Wawa chain of stores, or a massive leak of credit and debit cards distributed in South Korea and the United States by banks and financial institutions, can be remembered.

Because of this, Gemini Advisory claims that “the marketplace has already earned hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal profits, although this money, among other things, is received by the sellers themselves.”