The game market breaks out: “Three Kingdoms Kill” in the console market of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft

Monday, October 5, 2020 – 6:10 ksa

On the eleventh, where to go? Some Otaku Otaku might just be playing games at home. The epidemic of otaku community in 2020 renders the game a ‘need’ for teams.

Behind this is the money is being made by game developers. The Chinese financial report reports from Tencent revealed that its online gaming company revenue was 5.64 billion dollars, an improvement of 40 percent year-on-year; NetEase’s financial report showed that its online game operation revenue was 2.03 billion dollars, an improvement of 20.9 percent year-on-year. In addition to the two Tencent and NetEase giants, in the first half of 2020, game producers like Sanqi Mutual Entertainment and Perfect World even reported sales.

Also lucrative are not only game developers, but computer game developers such as Sony and Nintendo. Nintendo focused on “Fitness Ring Adventure” and “Animal Crossing Mates” to fuel the game sales boom, and players once sold out Sony’s PS4 handheld.

“The growing growth of the domestic game market will eventually cause strong bets to be made on it by game developers and game console developers.” Gaming industry analyst Ma Jing said, “While smartphone games now dominate the absolute mainstream, it is possible that handheld games and terminal games will emerge in the future.

“Yu Sanjia” console game industry rivalry

Sony held an online press conference early in the morning of September 17 to publicly reveal the launch date and price of the new-generation PS5 game console, and launched a range of first-generation titles. Player Xiao Fei (pseudonym) said that “this is really interesting,” after seeing the press conference that day.

More and more players are slowly returning to the game console market, influenced by the “home culture”.

I barely had time to play game consoles because of work. “Xiao Fei told the Beijing News correspondent that he had been” ashamed “at home even though he purchased a PS4 as early as a year ago.” More and more friends started reclaiming xbox games during the Spring Festival.

Traditional sectors such as offline entertainment, travel, and hospitality have suffered significant damage from the outbreak, while the gaming sector has been one of the few affected regions. This pattern is being used by game consoles to re-engage the market.

A number of vendors selling gaming consoles told reporters that after the crisis, there was also a surge of sales, and fans bought up both devices and gaming disks. “Play consoles have been sold out, including Switch and PS4. In a week, about a hundred consoles have been sold.” A seller said, “Currently, while sales have plummeted, they have also risen dramatically compared to before the outbreak.” Microsoft, Sony and other makers of game consoles have faced out-of-sale product conditions.

Although mobile games currently dominate most of the gaming market, the writer found that players who are steadily following the nature of games are starting to get dissatisfied with the standard of mobile games and eventually return to the field of video games. “Console games are more appealing to gamers in terms of picture consistency and playability compared to the problems of inconsistent mobile game content and persistent demand for money,” said Lao An, a host game player for several years.

The turnaround in sales has allowed typical producers of game consoles to see a bigger demand. Microsoft announced the price of the Xbox Series X game console in September 2020 and it will be publicly released in November 2020. At its press conference, old competitor Sony soon revealed that the PlayStation 5 will be launched globally in November 2020.

Around the same moment, the two most mainstream gaming systems are released. In addition to the ‘nice and complaints’ accrued over the years, there is also a propensity to esteem players returning to the market for video games, seeking to grab the opportunity.’ Reporter told Gaming Industry Analyst Ma Jing.

The inventory of several sites, including Wal-Mart and Best Buy, was sold out within 24 hours after Sony released the PS5 pre-sale, according to overseas media sources. Microsoft Xbox Series X opened pre-sales in North America, Japan and other places through multiple channels, and the inventory was sold out in just a few hours.

Nintendo, which is also known as one of the “three royals” in the game console market, has been unable to sit still due to the persistent efforts of old rivals. Nintendo is currently planning to launch a new Switch console to keep up with this surge of variations of the gaming system and engage in this battle for the next-generation game console.

“King of Glory” is still the most attracting gold, dynamic and fitness are becoming a boom

“I don’t expect to go out on National Day and have a few days of fun with friends.” Smartphone game player Lin Bin (pseudonym) is planning to sit for Golden Week at home.

According to Qimai ‘s numbers, “Glory of the King”, “Peace Elite” and “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” are still the top three in the iOS game Application gold attracting skill ranking in the first half of 2020. Only one new title, Sword and Expedition, reached the top ten in the Top10 list, and the substitution of new and existing head-game goods was comparatively sluggish. Just 9 new games were released in the first half of this year on the Top100 chart.

It’s hard to forget this year that computer games have been unprecedentedly popular in recent years. If you haven’t learned of Dongsen and the exercise ring, then you’re OUT for good.

This can also be seen from the unaudited reports released by Nintendo in August for the first quarter of fiscal 2021 (that is, the second quarter of 2020). The best quarterly result in history was delivered by Nintendo: net profit rose by more than 5 times. Nintendo’s gaming machines and game app sales, affected by the crisis, have hit record peaks. Switch Lite is the principal growth factor of hardware sales. The income of Switch ‘s conventional home gaming console is 3.05 million units, an improvement of 43.5% year-on-year. The best-selling “Animal Crossing Mates” in the second quarter is the biggest development factor of Nintendo’s video device sales. Moreover, since its release, the production ability of ‘Fitness Ring Adventure’ has not been able to keep up with the growth in demand, especially during the time from March to May due to product shortages and a decrease in sales.

Switch games such as ‘Fitness Ring Adventure’ and ‘Animal Crossing Mates’, which have been popular in the gaming industry since the beginning of the year, are still enjoyed by gamers, according to the reporter’s understanding.