The global online population of Steam reaches the 25 million mark

While the offline physical industry has been impacted to a certain degree in 2020, there is little question that the main winners have been internet outlets such as streaming video and gaming. Steam’s online record this year has also continued to set new highs as the biggest gaming site in the world, and it eventually smashed through the 25 million online users mark on the occasion of the new year, hitting a brand new benchmark.

The moment when the number of internet users crossed 25 million on January 2 was at 22:12, according to Steam’s official figures. It can be seen that in this online user development, Steam users in Europe and the United States are the main force.

Also, the ranking of famous games is very real. The top three are now the three ‘CS:GO’, ‘Dota2’ and ‘PUBG Mobile’ evergreens, and 1 million+ people have donated to ‘CS:GO’. Undoubtedly, he is a big brother. Significant updates have also been released recently by other gamers such as APEX, GTAV and other games, leading to this latest online high.

Moreover, it is possible to see some fascinating results. For instance, on the first day of release, ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, a phenomenon-level game, hit a peak online number of 1 million, and has since continued to propel the Steam network to a record high of 24.8 million. But now, the immense difference in the number of internet players at the beginning of 200,000 shows that the game is not meeting standards.