The gods will cross the DDR4 frequency to 7200MHz on the 11th generation Core i9+ MSI Z590 motherboard

At the end of last year, the memory overclocking frequency surpassed 7GHz. Gaowan began to set new overclocking records after the arrival of the 11th-generation Core Duo. TOPPC, MSI’s overclocking god, recently set a new 7200MHz record. TOPPC has broken the previous memory’s highest overclocking record of DDR4-3578MHz, which is one step removed from 7.2GHz, on the 11th generation Core i9+ MSI MEG Z590 Unify-X, pushing the memory frequency to DDR4-3600.2MHz, setting a new record. The world’s number one.

The platform he uses is also unique, with a Core i9-11900KF CPU rather than the more traditional Core i9-11900K, and an MSI MEG Z590 Unify-X motherboard.

MSI has released a new line of flagship motherboards. To achieve extreme efficiency, it has a blackened architecture, an 18-phase power supply, and just two memory slots.

The memory is a Kingston HyperX Predator 16 GB (8GB x 2) memory with a maximum frequency of 2400MHz that was eventually overclocked to 3600MHz, but the timing was only 58-63-63-63 at the time.