The hacker, who accessed Trump’s Twitter account on his 5th attempt, shared the remarkable password

A Dutch hacker correctly guessed US President Trump’s Twitter password on his 5th attempt to gain access to the account. Dutch prosecutors argued that being so easily accessible to the US president’s account should not be a crime. On the other hand, the password is “maga2020!” Which stands for “Make America great again” slogan. It was suggested.

Dutch hacker Victor Gevers, shared a screenshot showing that he had accessed the account by guessing the password of his account correctly on his 5th attempt. The GuardianAccording to the news in the Netherlands, the Netherlands confirmed that Victor Gevers hacked his Twitter account by guessing Donald Trump’s password on October 16.

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

US ADMINISTRATION LIE Dutch prosecutors revealed that by ‘guessing his password’ in October, a person could log in to the Twitter account of US President Donald Trump. Twitter and WashingtonDenied that Trump’s account had been hacked.


THERE WAS NOT GUIDEDWhile Dutch prosecutors did not find Gevers’ hacking of the US President’s account as a crime, it was said that such a simple password could not be chosen by a US President with millions of followers.


Gevers said he had breached Trump’s account by attempting to It was reported that on his 5th attempt, Victor Gevers broke the password when attempting to access the account of Donald Trump. FOUND ON THE 5th TRIAL The data was also passed on that the two-factor authentication function was not enabled in the account.

I expected the account to be blocked after the fourth attempt, Gevers said I was expecting the account to be blocked after the 4th attempt, but I reached the password on my 5th attempt without any additional information.”


Victor Gevers, who logged into Trump’s account and took screenshots, shared them with Vrij Nederland’s monthly publication. After knowing the situation, Gevers was reached by the American Secret Service and obtained information from the Dutch hacker. It was subsequently reported that by triggering the two-factor authentication feature, US officials made the Twitter account of Donald Trump more secure. Victor Gevers, who also sent an e-mail to Trump explaining how he accessed his account, advised the US President to use a more secure password.