The head of mobile games at PlayStation Studio will be hired to prepare potential transplants

A mobile game leader is being sought by PlayStation Studio. This is a senior position and will be in charge of PlayStation mobile game production and planning, as well as bringing some of the most popular game series to the mobile platform. According to a job posting on the game forum ReserEra, the PlayStation Studio mobile game chief will be based in San Mateo, California, and will lead “PlayStation Studio’s mobile game production preaching its vision, mission, and policy.”

“As the person in charge of the mobile terminal, you will be responsible for and designing PlayStation Studio’s mobile game plan, as well as helping to pave the groundwork for potential expansion opportunities.” This role needs “must be based on successfully transplanting PlayStation’s most iconic game series on mobile,” in addition to expanding mobile game growth.

According to the recruitment announcement, the next mobile game chief will collaborate with the PlayStation Studio’s leadership team to create a 3- to 5-year product plan, so new mobile game titles are unlikely to be launched right away.

Mobile games are a massive industry worth tens of billions of dollars, and the biggest gaming publishers have already carved out a piece of it. Nintendo is a comparatively competitive case on the mobile terminal of console manufacturers, due to its collaboration with Niantic, the maker of “Pokémon Go” and “Pikmin AR.”

Third-party developers such as Activision are excited for the smartphone edition of Call of Duty, and Blizzard has intentions to extend some of its game projects to the mobile platform.

Although Sony revealed that the PlayStation Vita handheld console’s online store would be shut down, because mobile phones are becoming increasingly high-end, PlayStation phone is considering switching to another handheld gaming platform.