The IPTV world, is in danger

After the latest raid by the Guardia di Finanza which closed many platforms, the IPTV universe is in danger of ending once and for all.
Like never before in recent years, piracy is on its knees.

In order to capture and defeat real organisations, the Guardia di Finanza (the italian company) has actually established its activities. More than 5500 websites were blocked and blacked out, leaving millions of users without a subscription in Italy alone.

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IPTV: the copyright task force arrives, over 5 million customers are now at risk.

For anyone with a current subscription at any time, IPTV may be a very serious concern. Over 5 million users have been identified in Europ, all of whom are now at risk of a fine. The fines could go up to 30,296.50 United States Dollar, but canceling and signing up for a legal subscription is safer.

Many thanks from all Series A for the precious work that the Guardia di Finanza has done and is doing to obscure a variety of IPTVs that broadcast audiovisual material illegally.

According to Luigi De Siervo, managing director of Lega Serie A the transmission and viewing of our matches by illicit streaming platforms constitutes a real criminal act that has significant implications for both the criminal organisations who control them and the customers that illegally access them.