The leaker revealed new information that would be announced in 20222 for the foldable iPhone

The leaker said that a second foldable iPhone concept is being produced by Apple, but this product will not be unveiled soon. This foldable iPhone, using Samsung’s foldable OLED display, will look like a Galaxy Z Flip screen. As early as September 2022, this phone will be released.

The Galaxy Fold, the first foldable phone from Samsung, proved not to be a well-thought-out concept. Samsung had to postpone the conference at the end of April after the reviewers found two significant issues with this phone. On the foldable display, there is a cover similar to a screen protector which, if removed, will damage the screen. Moreover, the hinge makes it possible for debris to penetrate the interior of the phone, which also affects the screen. Samsung required five months to launch a redesigned version of its cell phone. These mistakes were not replicated by the following Z Flip and Z Fold 2. But the unsuccessful Galaxy Fold conference showed that the technology for the mobile many people want is not yet available.

We have a new rumor detailing a foldable phone that many people want to see. Fast forward to the end of 2020. It was an iPhone clamshell with a folding Z Flip screen . But the system isn’t arriving fast. A few months earlier, whistleblower YouTuber Jon Prosser said that Apple is creating a Galaxy Z Flip-like foldable iPhone. But the system uses two separate screens instead of using a continuous, foldable screen. Separated by a hinge.

Jon Prosser said in a recent video that Apple is already designing a prototype foldable iPhone with a clamshell shape, which would use a foldable screen. In its Shenzhen Foxconn plant, Apple is checking the case, according to sources. They were not checking full phones, according to his sources. Instead, they are researching the hinge’s toughness. Instead of a micr OLED screen, this phone will finally use Samsung’s foldable touchscreen.

It’s natural for Apple to spend time experimenting on new technology. The good news here is that to launch a foldable iPhone, Apple is in no hurry. Apple is optimistic that a high-quality foldable experience will be delivered, and we expect to see more technologies that are conducive to foldable devices to enhance the durability of those devices, including improved hinges and foldable glass monitor technology. Not to mention that the cost has fallen considerably. Even smart phones like the Galaxy Z Flip or the foldable Razr from Motorola are more pricey than ordinary high-end flagship phones.

Moreover, if the finished product does not follow Apple’s expectations, there is no assurance that the foldable iPhone software can continue to be promoted by Apple. Apple’s patent indicates that different inventions are being investigated by the firm, but not all technologies can be converted into consumer products.