The Mandalorian is the most pirated program of this 2020

The popularity of The Mandalorian’s second season has culminated in the most pirated television show of this year.

The Star Wars franchise is one of the world’s most famous fan-favorites, and the Mandalorian was supposed to enjoy audience popularity with such a fan base. So it was for the first season, but much more so for the second, and the merit is that, from various points of view, it is basically a very pleasant product.

Not only on the aforementioned network, the series primarily designed to be broadcast on Disney + was a hit, but also elsewhere. As TorrentFreak revealed, this year’s series was the most pirated television show going to remove the crown from Game of Thrones, a series that is now over, though.

Disney + and the Mandalorian
The Mandalorian can be described comfortably as Disney’s streaming service’s workhorse, but soon it won’t be the only one. The business was scheduled to launch some other shows, but the advent of the pandemic has clearly slowed down all production and things will change quickly.

These shows would almost definitely become popular quickly if Disney puts too much time into the development of all the promised Marvel-themed series. It will be easier to make more original material available so as not to neglect paying subscribers along the way, given that the cost of the Disney + subscription will increase soon. In any event, the most awaited series for Star Wars and The Mandalorian fans will be the latter’s third season.