The new Edge officially supports Apple M1 processor

Not only did Apple work hard to conform to the new environment following the introduction of Apple’s M1 processor, other vendors have followed up fast, and Microsoft was also very enthusiastic. The new version of the Edge browser, which officially supports the M1 cpu, was released today by Microsoft.

In November last year, Microsoft had previously confirmed support for M1. In December, it was due to be published. However, production work has slowed down due to the Christmas holiday and the publication has been postponed until now.

Of instance, the first update is the Dev Development Edge, version number 89.0.752.1, which can be used on the Apple M1 processor, plus the latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro processors.

Users of Apple that are in a rush should update first to the Dev version. It’s predicted that the official edition would have to wait. Edge 88, which is scheduled to be released between January and March, is the next official edition. Another quarter in the evening is expected to be the official edition of Edge 89.

Before Microsoft, support for the M1 processor was revealed by several applications and device developers, including Google (Chrome), Mozilla (Firefox), Maxon (Cinebench, Cinema 4D), Adobe (Lightroom, Photoshop), Pixelmator, The Omni Group, Affinity, etc.