The new iPad Pro is coming? It is said that Apple is mass-producing A14X bionic chip

The iPad Air equipped with the A14 bionic chip was recently launched by Apple, and some netizens have suggested that Apple could soon release the iPad Pro equipped with the A14X bionic chip. The new A14X bionic chip has began mass manufacturing in the immediate future, according to the latest reports, maybe this also indicates we will see the next iPad Pro soon.

A14X Bionic

Earlier reports broke that Apple has tested the iPad model line of mini LED backlight displays, so the upcoming iPad Pro is expected to be fitted with a better color output mini LED screen. This latest screen may only appear on the iPad Pro, taking into consideration the high cost of the mini LED panel.

It is estimated that there will be around 10,000 LEDs on the mini LED screen used in the iPad Pro, and the LED particle size will be below 200 microns. This illustrates that there will be better screen brightness and more detailed colors on the new iPad Pro.

The new iPad Pro is anticipated to be launched during March next year, due to the concept that the iPad Pro is revised every year. This time, of course, is not fully set, and it is still unclear when we will see the new iPad Pro.