The official version of Apple’s macOS Big Sur causes the old MacBook Pro models to black out and become bricks

On November 13, IT House announced that Apple’s Big Sur macOS was officially launched and available for download.

Monday, 16 November 2020, 06:46 GMT

The version number is 11.0.1 for macOS (20B29). New Mac mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models fitted with an M1 chip have recently been launched by Apple, pre-installed with the new macOS Big Sur. Apple said that MacOS Big Sur has been specially designed to work on these new ARM-based systems. A big feature not present in the Intel edition will be provided: the ability to run the iOS and iPadOS applications. The Intel application needs to be translated and compiled by Rosetta 2 first.

Foreign media MacRumors revealed that in late 2013 and mid-2014 a significant number of 13-inch MacBook Pro users reported that their computers were being bricked by the macOS Big Sur upgrade. A significant number of users mentioned this issue in forum threads. Similar problem posts are also available from Reddit and the Apple help group, suggesting that this topic is common.

Users recorded that their computer got stuck viewing a black screen during the macOS Big Sur update. According to sources, the key reset variations, like NVRAM, SMC, Protected Mode and Internet Recovery, are unavailable after attempting to install the upgrade and there is no way to circumvent the static black screen.

It appears like at the end of 2013 and mid-2014, the vast majority of users who experienced issues were 13-inch MacBook Pro owners, although it is not known how many users of these versions have been affected. It should also be remembered that these are the oldest versions sponsored by Major Sur macOS.

A Reddit commentator said that the service department of Apple advised them they wanted to make an appointment for the MacBook Pro. In an Apple support thread, another user said that this issue has been submitted to the technical team of Apple, so Apple should be aware of this issue now.

IT Home states that macOS Big Sur could not be installed by 13-inch MacBook Pro users at the end of 2013 and mid-2014 before clarifying the source of the issue and Apple’s release of a patch.