The past and tag synchronization feature of Microsoft Edge officially started to roll out

Finally, Microsoft began rolling out the history and synchronization of tags for the official version of its Edge browser. Some Microsoft Edge users can now see the full browsing history and tag synchronization function in their browsers almost a year after its introduction. The push work for the new update is incremental, but users can navigate to Settings > Profile > Sync and allow the options ‘Past’ and ‘Open tab’ to see if they are available in your location.

Not every nation will use additional synchronization features, but we accept that the UK is one of the first markets that can initially see synchronization of history and tags. These new features allow users of Edge to synchronize all web pages they have accessed on additional Windows 10 or MacOS computers, and also synchronize them to iOS and Android on the smartphone edition of Edge.

Originally released on January 15, 2020, Microsoft Edge did not enable several major synchronization options. Synchronization for the extension arrived in May. Initially, Microsoft promised that the synchronization of history and tags will commence in the summer.

After a delay, it will officially be released at the end of November on the browser’s beta and production platforms and will finally appear today on the stable site.

A very helpful screenshot tool and price comparison feature have been introduced recently by Microsoft Edge. Also, Edge will shortly start delivering vertical mark alerts and new login leaks.