The recent patent from Apple confirms that potential MacBooks can be fitted with view keyboards

A recent patent application suggests that Apple may be testing keyboards on upcoming MacBooks with tiny adaptive monitor buttons. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office had accepted the application earlier on December 29. The keys will dynamically adjust according to the content shown on the screen or the language chosen by the user, depending on the file. It’s a bit like the TouchBar on Macs now.

The patent states that there should be a “related key display” attached to the keyboard circuit for each key on the keyboard. This patent reveals that, for each key that can represent labels or characters, Apple is testing a keyboard with a small display screen. For the buttons, Apple would prefer the OLED display, and they have not yet agreed on the buttons’ top material (ceramic, glass or sapphire).

The patent also notes that these keys can be “reconfigurable.” The keyboard will also convert a normal keyboard into a gaming keyboard, in addition to displaying multiple language keys. The keyboard can either display those keys used in the game on the gaming keyboard, or display custom characters.

It also reveals that future MacBook keyboards can provide “visual feedback” to users showing the current state of the keys. If the key is working, such as when the Caps Lock is enabled or when the skill in the game is enabled, the key will turn grey. The patent suggests that for laptop Macs and Macbooks, Apple is testing keyboards.

It should be remembered that while this seems very interesting, when Apple’s patents exist in actual goods, it is very unusual.