The second generation of Sony’s cooler has doubled its endothermic efficiency

On April 22, 2021, Sony announced the release of the “REON POCKET 2,” the newest model in the cooler “REON POCKET” collection, to be worn on the same day. The overall cooling level of heat absorption has been doubled compared to the first “REON POCKET” published in 20 years. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price, including tax, is 137.53 United States Dollar.

The REON POCKET series is a product that cools the human body by causing an endothermic reaction by energizing a semiconductor called a “Peltier particle,” which is several centimeters square and exposed on the surface of the housing. Insert it into the pocket behind the neck of the special wear to use it. The width is about 54 mm, the height is about 20 mm, and the depth is about 116 mm, which is the same as the original REON POCKET. The first generation is 89g in weight, while the second is 92g.

Since the circuit design inside the housing was first revised so that a large current could flow through the Peltier element, the heat absorption of REON POCKET 2 was improved. As a result, the element’s heat absorption capacity was increased. The material used for the contact surface between the Peltier part and the human body appears to have been replaced as well. According to Nikkei Crosstech research, an aluminum plate was previously used, but this time stainless steel “SUS316L” is said to be used. Stainless steel is “solid and quick to express coldness,” according to Sony.

We’ve also expanded the types of special wear that can be used to insert the REON POCKET body, which was previously only available with underwear. Descente, which specializes in sportswear, will be selling polo shirts with REON POCKET inserts that can be found at select Edifice locations.