The supply chain is planning to launch new Apple Watch and AirPods of third generation

According to international media citing reports from DigiTimes, Apple supplier and the half-conductor back-end service from Taiwan
The ASE Technology supplier packages core chips for at least two Apple Watches based on their device packaging

Engineering. Furthermore, ASE Group also uses its device packaging technology for third generation AirPods from Apple.

Mark Gurman and Debby Wu of Bloomberg announced earlier this week that one of the latest Apple Watch lineups was
Apple Watch Series 5 will be next-generation. An alternative to Apple Watch Series 3 would be one.

Apple Watch Series 3 will be an alternative to low-cost fitness monitoring devices such as Fitbits.

While new Apple Watch products are typically launched in September each year along with new iPhone products,
Rumors say that the latest Apple Watch Series 6 product lineup this year could be launched in October.

Apple Watch Series 6 will be fitted with a new processor according to speculation, computing output
Enhance health tracking capabilities, such as blood oxygen monitoring, will also show changes.

And it has quicker cellular and Wi-Fi speeds.

Apple’s third-generation AirPods will be launched in 2021 according to rumors, which is consistent with Ming-Chi Kuo, a well respected Apple hardware product analyst, speculates.

Ming Guo has seen it before it will launch Apple’s third-generation AirPods in the first half of next year.

Apple may also launch a range of other items, including the 10.8-inch iPad Air, according to reports.

Packed with an iPad Pro-like borderless display; smaller-sized HomePod speaker, and the ear-worn Headset Airpod. A new Apple TV, a Bluetooth tracking device, and AirTags.

But, given the current global pandemic, these products could be released before the end of this year specific release dates for the new crown virus are still unknown.