The Syrian hacker network crashed, leaving 15 million $US in the center

The money confiscated from the Syrian hacker network that had been disrupted by Istanbul’s gendarmerie teams stayed in the centre. Fearing that there was suspicion against them, the defendants did not acknowledge the currency and gold worth 30 million liras, claiming, “We do not know, it is not ours.”

Their squad arrested a Syrian ‘hacker’ network of 13 people last week after a lengthy follow-up with the Istanbul Provincial Gendarmerie Command. The globally active network also threatened businesses trading on the international forex and capital markets.

THEY BUY AND SELL BY Identifying SECURITY VULNERABILITIESHackers, who interfere in the networks in an orchestrated fashion, block the operations of the firms who identify security flaws, and make unfair gains of hundreds of thousands of dollars in seconds by making transactions and sales in their own way.

OPEN ACCOUNTS ON BEHALF OF REFUGEES IN TURKEY By blackmailing companies with whom they lock their devices and confiscate their keys, the gang even takes currency.

Faceless Computer Hacker

Network members accountsTurkeyopens with “temporary protection” status on behalf of Syrian refugees.THEY Did NOT Escape JANDARMFinally Jordan based and LondonThis time after the protest of the group, the Istanbul Provincial Gendarmerie Command and KOM Branch teams pursued the gang, which attacked a company that has a stake of the stock exchange. The members of the gang, who were brought to the phones, believed they could not be heard because they had all the Arabic conversations.

HAVE Contacts OUTSIDE ISTANBUL Even The people who publicly made their speeches about their crimes were listened to by the gendarmerie staff who understood Arabic and deciphered their speeches. Network outside IstanbulBursa, Gaziantep and SanliurfaAt the identification of the links, the button was pressed. A total of 13 individuals, including the individual believed to be the head of the network, were captured.

EXCHANGE AND GOLD WERE HANDLEDGreat BazaarSearched all positions of the perpetrators, including an office they use.

Under the framework of the searches, 1 million 850,000 Euros, 1 million 200,000 dollars and a substantial quantity of gold with a cumulative value of TL 30 million were confiscated.

“WE HAVE NO NEWS OF MONEY” Liberty According to the article, the perpetrators who were detained in the Grand Bazaar office would not consider the money, saying “We only use the office for negotiations, we do not know about the money” because the money will be evidence against them and they could not understand the source of such money. MONEY Would BE IN THE TREASURYSince these offences were committed at the Treasury, the money will be proof against them and they could not explain the source of such money. Coins will remain in the treasury, since no victim claims to be a victim.