The two leading wireless headsets plummeted, the company responded: everything is normal

On November 16th, on November 16th, the Financial Associated Press announced that Apple AirPods headset OEM and assembler Luxshare Precision and GoerTek Inc.

Monday, November 16, 2020, 7:10 GMT

dropped sharply, all dropping by more than 5% . The two stocks had six consecutive negatives as of the close.

GoerTek’s Equity Department staff said that the dynamics of the firm have not changed, and the company’s market has been progressing normally. Regarding the inventory problem, a person from GoerTek’s Securities Department confirmed that there are some holidays abroad in the fourth quarter, and some inventory is deposited for sales in the fourth quarter; in addition, due to the outbreak, some improvements will be made to (customers) transport methods, and revenue identification will be sluggish. That would also contribute to the rise in inventory.

Luxshare Precision Securities stated: Several factors may influence stock price volatility in the secondary market, but production and activity of the business are all natural.