Reports reveal that the United States treats DDS as a terrorist hacking enterprise

The announcement read: “A criminal hacking organization Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDS) conducted a hacking and leaking operation against federal, state, and local law enforcement databases on June 19, 2020, possibly to support or respond to George- National protests triggered by Freud’s death.” According to reports, DDS leaked ten-year data on 200 police departments, integration centers and other law enforcement training and support resources around the world. DDS had previously conducted hacking and leaking activities against the Russian government. “

BlueLeaks’ data was allegedly sent to DDS by a hacker who appeared to have a connection with Anonymous, containing 10 years of information from over 200 police forces and coordination centres.

At the end of June, Twitter suspended the account of DDS in response to the leak and blocked the hyperlinks of the leaked data set on a large scale, making it impossible to share on the platform. This is a very severe step for a company that has long allowed extremist content such as DCLeaks and allowed links to election interference. Last month, the German authorities seized the DDS server hosting BlueLeaks data, effectively shutting down the organization’s online record database. This seizure was carried out at the request of the US authorities.

Emma Best, one of the founders of DDS, told The Verge that they “absolutely” believe this document shows that the U.S. authorities are investigating their organization by investigating WikiLeaks, and that Julian, founder of WikiLeaks-Julian Assange is accused of conspiracy to steal and release confidential Pentagon documents. Best maintains that the company never engaged in any interference in order to procure information, and only released the documentation after it was accessed from others. He said unlike WikiLeaks and Assange, we didn’t participate in actual hacking attacks, nor did we provide hackers with material support.