The US 5G network speed lags behind the world: the average downlink is only 50.9Mb/s

C114 News (Jiang Junmu)’s commitment to deployment at low frequencies has led the United States to rank last typical data rates in 12 countries in an Opensignal study of 5G.

The United States average downlink rate is 50.9Mb / s, slightly lower than the 414.2Mb / s of Saudi Arabia, with first place.

Opensignal stressed that low frequency deployment is a factor affecting the performance of internet speed

In the United States 5G. Except for Verizon, the operators prefer to focus on coverage rather than network speed, he previous study, the operator was given a high assessment due to the use of millimeter wave spectrum.

Opensignal pointed out, however, that low-band spectrum offers “excellent quality and coverage” compared to high-band, which corresponds to fifth position in the United States in the time it takes to link to 5G.

Among Opensignal’s announced 4G/5 G integrated data rates, the United States has suffered a further blow, Second place at the bottom with a 33.4Mb / s. Once again, Saudi Arabia has top the list, with a
Typical 144.5 Mb / s.

In Opensignal ‘s survey earlier this year, the United States was also among eight countries at the bottom, to become the only nation with a 5 G rate that is lower than Wi-Fi.