The whistleblower disclosed that Microsoft and Nintendo would launch new collaboration programs in the fall

There was once a business anecdote that when Microsoft first wanted to join the gaming market, corporate representatives approached Nintendo and attempted to buy the company outright, causing a roar of laughter. While the possibility of a merger is unlikely, Microsoft and Nintendo have come close in recent years. There have been recent reports that Microsoft and Nintendo are planning to collaborate again this year.

Microsoft and Nintendo will sign a new partnership deal in the fall, according to the Twitter account Shpeshal Ed, which had multiple good updates on the previous record. However, no specifics were given. Naturally, this sparked a lot of speculation. Many players replied to their tweets, and two of them seemed to be the most likely.

image source: wikipedia

One of the most popular theories is that Microsoft’s Xbox game pass service would be ported to the NS platform, and there are several hints to support this theory. For a long time, there have been reports that NS Pro will be released this fall, with more powerful hardware that would enable several XGP games to be released on NS. Nintendo and Microsoft could wind up with a win-win situation, or Nintendo may win twice as a result of their collaboration.

There’s also a rumor going around that the “Halo” protagonist Master Chief has made an appearance in “Super Smash Bros. Special Edition.” For the Brawl Star DLC job, the Chief Sergeant is a high-profile choice. There should not be so many hurdles in the way of the two companies’ collaboration, but no side has any clear expressions, and even refuses such a sentence or two if it is urgent. Furthermore, other guesses are not as trustworthy.

The whistleblower correctly forecast the Embracer Group’s merger with Gearbox, as well as the PS Plus exemption for “Final Fantasy 7: Remake,” indicating that the whistleblower’s reputation remains large. Furthermore, Microsoft and Nintendo’s collaboration is no longer a problem. It’s just a dream. Just one basic partnership detail remains to be worked out.