The world’s first Eyesafe-certified TV display created by LG

LG Monitor is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of multi-purpose screens, and Eyesafe is a business that supplies consumer electronics with low blue light solutions. LG and Eyesafe today jointly announced the unveiling of the world’s first Eyesafe-certified TV display at the 2021 CES exhibition. For the first time, the show will appear on 65-inch OLED TVs.

The display panel design meets the requirements of Eyesafe for low emission of blue light and optimal color performance. The credential is provided by an international certification firm called TUV Rheinland, an independent third-party certification company ( the German Rheinland most familiar to Chinese mobile phone players). LG Show expects TVs to be available in 2021 using the latest Eyesafe panel.

LG said the backdrop to the introduction of the new panel comes after substantial data revealed that the amount of screen time has increased for global customers. The amount of time people spent in front of computers with screens such as TVs, tablets, and laptops is increasing exponentially, and epidemics have raised these figures dramatically around the world. A Nielsen research in the United States reveals that people consume more than 13 hours of screen time per day on average.

After performing clinical health and safety scientific study on the effects of exposure to high-energy blue light, the Eyesafe show standards were developed with the assistance of more than 250 top ophthalmologists, optometrists and engineers.

A certificate of compliance with the approved goods will be issued by TUV Rheinland, including a test report on LG’s new show. Compared to those that do not follow the Eyesafe requirement, it is uncertain if the technologies used to decrease blue light emission will impact its efficiency, and it is also unclear how much the show will cost.