The world’s second largest browser new version released: fix fatal bugs, no longer stuck

Edge has lately generated a lot of feedback from consumers as the second largest browser in the global market share, primarily because Microsoft has made mandatory installations in the upgrade to Windows 10, which has given a really poor experience.

Today, for Windows and macOS systems, Microsoft has launched the Chromium-based Edge stable version 85.0.564.63 with just slight modifications based on version 85.0.564.51. It can be clarified from the version symbol update that the browser has not acquired any features but just a new protection patch.

Microsoft wants Windows 10 users to play it with this software patch since it addresses bugs in the Chromium browser, and these bugs are quite severe.

CVE-2020-15966 is a loophole that enables an intruder, using only a complicated extension, to extract confidential information from the computer. When these plugins are enabled by users, they can end up in the browser reading confidential information.

“The CVE wrote:” The deployment policy of extensions prior to 85.0.4183.121 in Chrome would not recover, enabling attackers to use specially designed extensions to acquire sensitive information.

On the messaging network or via email, hackers may send a connection to the user, direct the user to a compromised hosting code for the website and use the heap buffer overflow flaw in the Chrome storage portion.

In terms of experience, the new version is not as strong as before.