There is a speculation that TikTok has invited Netflix to negotiate on the sale of TikTok’s US company

The popular TikTok (Overseas version of TikTok) short video platform has approached streaming giant Netflix to “consider its involvement in the acquisition of US TikTok companies.”

Accepted an invitation to meet with Bytedance, TikTok parent company. In the face of hazard TikTok is seeking a US ban on the sale of its US assets. After the Trump administration first made public its intention to compel TikTok to shut down its

Netflix’s partnership with its parent company, or risk a national ban, is only one of many innovations Businesses involved with TikTok in the merger talks.

TikTok ‘s business in the US is valued in between US $10 billion and US $50 billion. The high price means few American development companies have sufficient funds to purchase the famous application.

With respect to buyers interested in purchasing US company from TikTok, reports include Google, Alphabet and Apple.

The industrial technology giant Oracle has also recently become a possible bidder and has rapidly drawn the interest of Oral backing from Donald Trump. As for Netflix, analyst Alex Sherman believes TikTok will bring Netflix an advertising-based platform

Revenue, which enables the online video service provider to continue offering advertising-free entertainment. This year, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings (Reed Hastings) named TikTok a “Digital Entertainment” competitor in the room.

So far, Microsoft is the only corporation that has expressed public interest in acquiring the TikTok firm. In early August, the company announced that it had agreed with ByteDance to buy the TikTok operations

In the USA, in Canada, in New Zealand and in Australia. Trump gave four5 days to Microsoft For ByteDance acquiring TikTok. Microsoft and ByteDance signed a “non-binding letter of intent” in late July, according to reports.

This is an important step in the acquisition process which indicates that the two companies are negotiating Am improving.

Nonetheless, when TikTok contests the ban by the Trump administration, it’s not clear whether the talks are going.

Trump has released two separate executive orders targeting TikTok since late July, and has set a deadline of mid-November,

Requiring Bytedance to sell US business to TikTok.

TikTok has sued the Trump administration to challenge the US ban. This lawsuit centers on Is Trump’s executive order of 6 August banning “any transaction” between ByteDance and American citizens.

TikTok contended that the U.S. government had violated its “due process rights” by not notifying the company

Previous to the issuance of the executive order, the US government was accused of lacking evidence to support its claim.