This kind of computer hardware has also exploded as a result of “mining” to speculate on graphics cards: some has nearly doubled in less than ten days!

“”Cyberpunk 2077″ is to thank for this. Despite the game’s many glitches, it was because of it that I purchased the RTX 3080 a year ago. The price has now doubled. Thank you, 2077, for allowing me to think about money management.” This is a tweet from a Steam user under the game “Cyberpunk 2077,” which has been copied and pasted by a large number of users and shared through major social media sites. The players exchanged warm smiles. For six months in a row, they knew this was a parody of the wildly skyrocketing graphics card costs.

Since the prices of numerous cryptocurrencies have started to climb over the last six months, demand for graphics cards used for “mining” has been incredibly high, causing the price of graphics cards that are still underpowered to skyrocket. Just as many gamers and professionals worry about not being able to afford a graphics card, hard disks used to store files, mostly large-capacity enterprise hard disks, have begun to quietly increase in price.